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Business class voice telecom services have undergone rapid change over the last several years. A decade ago, you went from plain old telephone service such as business lines, POTS or Centrex service to analog trunks, migrating to ISDN PRIs as your organization grew along with your larger voice requirements.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), an application-layer control (signaling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences.

SIP invitations used to create sessions carry session descriptions that allow participants to agree on a set of compatible media types. SIP makes use of elements called proxy servers to help route requests to the user's current location, authenticate and authorize users for services, implement provider call-routing policies and provide features to users. SIP also provides a registration function that allows users to upload their current locations for use by proxy servers. SIP runs on top of several different transport protocols.

Voice Over IP systems enable you to send voice information in digital form, via your Internet service provider (ISP), rather than using the telephone. VOIP Service is a comprehensive business communications solution powered by the unification of voice, data and network services into an incredibly fast platform. This platform delivers both performance and savings previously unavailable to small to medium size businesses or branch offices.

VOIP Service provides integrated local, long distance, high-speed Internet and intra-company communications. The platform includes a full menu of network-based features. This solution provides robust quality of service, advanced applications and disaster planning capabilities to ensure that it remains a mission-critical component of your business. Delivered over a single, seamless platform, VOIP Service is affordable and easy to acquire, use and manage. 

The VOIP platform is designed to deliver powerful employee productivity gains, business performance enhancements and financial efficiencies. VOIP service helps small and medium business users gain business capabilities previously available only to the largest organizations, all due to a revolution in the way we communicate.

The call center business isn't what it used to be. Overhead is higher, profits lower and customers expect better service delivered via a variety of mediums, new and old. Not to mention that maintaining aging technologies while trying to keep up with customer expectations can be exhausting. In addition, there is the ongoing question of security. Improve the future of your call center with our hosted call center software solutions. We can help enable you to increase uptime, reduce security vulnerability and increase the strength and profitability of your business. CRM services can also be included in your solution.

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